Becoming an owner is a beautiful and big life project. To successfully embark on this adventure this year, take the time to discover all the options available to you at each stage of your real estate project. It is the best way to make a success of your real estate acquisition.


  1. Project into the future and into your property
  2. Get advice from real estate professionals
  3. Have a little method in your real estate research
  4. Visit without rushing the real estate
  5. Have any work costed
  6. Make a real estate purchase offer
  7. Take care of your real estate financing plan
  8. Choose your notary
  9. Be confident about your real estate project
Do you want to buy a home in Kenya in 2020? You think about the total amount of the operation, the type of property, its location … Here are our tips for preparing your real estate project.

Prepare your property purchase well

Concentrate well on the most important points of your real estate search: the number of rooms, the type of new or old property, house or apartment, in town or elsewhere. Each can be a source of substantial savings. You can win and lose on all fronts: price, financing, additional costs, works. A real estate purchase is gradually taking shape. It takes time, and it’s best to be ready when making your decision.

Project into the future and into your property

Buying, and becoming an owner, is a great resolution. You can afford it, but are you sure you can go the distance? Your real estate purchase will put you in debt for 15, 20 or 25 years.

Many events can happen over such a long period of time. It is therefore essential to ask the right questions before getting started:

  • Is your professional situation solid?
  • Do you expect a steady increase in your income?
  • Are you planning to have children?
  • Is the good that you covet likely to be able to accommodate them or will you have to change them after a few years?

Get advice from real estate professionals

To buy well, get a clear idea of ​​the market. For this, you can consult the studies published by specialized federations, agency networks, notaries … However, nothing beats a field survey. This is why, it is good to be advised by professionals who will provide you with information on prices, goods for sale in the city or district in which you wish to settle. Saving your search at a neighborhood agency or creating alerts on ad portals will allow you to be as responsive as possible.

Have a little method in your real estate research

When it comes to real estate research, first make a list of your requirements: comfort, neighborhood, transport … Make sure you express your wish well, to avoid wasting time. Visit as many accommodations as possible that match your criteria. You will therefore need to devote time to it. But it is not a waste of time since each visit will allow you to refine your criteria: a high floor, a terrace, a garden, separate toilets … and to come back to some in case of a crush.

Visit without rushing the real estate

Keep an eye out. Arrive a little early at the meeting and soak up the neighborhood. Evaluate its conveniences compared to transport.

  • Is a metro, tram or train station really close?
  • Are schools, equipment, shops present?

These are all elements that you can check by talking to local merchants, a neighbor …

In the apartment or the house, do not trust appearances, inspect everything from floor to ceiling, including the outbuildings (parking, cellar …).

  1. Ensure the proper functioning of the equipment ( kitchen appliances, boiler, electrical installation, plumbing, sanitary …).
  2. Ask to see the real estate diagnostics that the seller must provide, which will tell you about a number of elements.

Finally, do not hesitate to take a look in the common areas, to check the minutes of the last general meetings to make sure that the condominium is well kept and that no additional costs will be expected.

Have any work costed

In general, an old property with work is cheaper than a renovated or new property. So you may be able to make a good deal. Provided you check that the work to be done does not lead you into a financial pit. Better to come accompanied by a building specialist or an architect to quantify the work.

Some are aesthetic when others are up to standard and can result in very high costs. Something that may allow you to negotiate the price .

Make a real estate purchase offer

If you like the property you just visited, make an offer to buy real estate. If the owner accepts it, he will be committed to selling it to you. Make an offer that is consistent with the market in the sector. Otherwise, you risk seeing the owner turning away and refusing to sell you his house or apartment. We also provide you with free models of letters of offer to purchase real estate . The compromise of sale or the promise which will follow will commit you to buy the good (except suspensive conditions like obtaining the credit). Note that you have a withdrawal period of 10 days which begins the day after the delivery of the compromise by post.

Take care of your real estate financing plan

Few buyers can buy without mortgage. You will probably have no choice and will have to spend time looking for financing solutions adapted to your profile and your budget.

  1. First take a look at the assisted loans you can get (home savings …).
  2. Then, don’t just go see your banker, go around the banks to get the best rate.
  3. You can also contact a real estate broker who will find the best financing for you.

Choose your notary

In the absence of a family notary, we generally let ourselves be guided by the seller’s notary. But be aware that you can perfectly ask another notary to take care of the real estate purchase. In this case, two notaries will be present. One who will take care of the interests of the seller, the other who will take care of yours. Whatever the case, know that it will not cost you more , the two notaries sharing the fees.

Be confident about your real estate project

Real estate may be a complex area, if you know how to surround yourself with experienced professionals, you should perfectly carry out your project this year.

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